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Coronavirus 2020

There has been much speculation around the Prime Ministers’ speech tonight around COVID-19 and the restrictions in the UK.

The government is waiting for specific indicators around Coronoviris/COVID-19 before they start to make changes to the social distancing that we should all be following.

Headlines are:

if you can work from home, go back to work but avoid public transport wherever possible.

Exercise will be unlimited from 14/05/2020 but only in groups of those living together in the same house.

For those in the UK, and specifically in England, we need to continue to practise social distancing measures.

We can work where there are social distancing measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We need to keep to the 2m (6ft) apart from people who we do not live with whether at work or exercising. The key here is to protect the NHS by reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

Further changes will happen in June.

I get that this is difficult. I have vulnerable parents and friends and I do not want to lose any of them to this virus.

For now, we need to continue to protect our friends and family. If you can work, then great, but practise social distancing. If you cant work then talk to your employer about working from home or what safety measures will be in place, as a last resort look at furlough or redundancy.

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