Why is HR so important?

Firstly what is HR?
Literally, it’s an acronym for Human Resources. Over the years this function has had many titles (welfare, personnel, industrial relations to name a few); the current thinking is that HR is there to support Business Owners avoid, wherever possible, going to an employment tribunal.

What HR isn’t?

  • The internal ‘police’
  • where to send the upset employee
  • there to manage the team

HR, done well, will add value to your bottom line by helping the business have happy employees. Happy employees are more productive in the workplace.
So how can ES HR Consultancy help you and why is it important?

Let’s start with recruitment. You became an employer with your first employee, but the journey starts much earlier than this. It begins when you decide you have too much work so you take on an extra pair of hands. A good HR team or outsourced consultancy like ES HR Consultancy will go through the following:

  • Work with you, the business owner, to understand what tasks the new individual will be taking on
  • Write and place a job advert – that is compliant with legislation. Discrimination legislation covers the recruitment process
  • Review the applicants through the applicant tracking system (ES HR Consultancy can provide one for you at minimal cost)
  • Discuss the applicants with you to create an interview shortlist
  • Arrange the interviews
  • Support you in the interview if you need us.
  • Take the interview feedback from you and provide it to the applicant
  • The successful candidate will then be sent an offer letter and a contract (the contract has specific items to cover)

Our Software Partner Breathe has created this great guide to recruitment and its free for you.

This will be the first of several blogs of Why HR is important and what sort of tasks ES HR Consultancy can take on for you. Those tasks range from full outsourced services to one-off project work. There are no prices displayed on the website because Emma prefers to bespoke the pricing to a client’s needs. That initial meeting is free and carries no obligation.

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